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Parish Council Committee & Meeting Procedures

Meetings Timetables
How the Parish Council Conducts Meetings

Council meetings are held every week. Please refer to the relevant Committees to see dates on which they fall. All meetings start promptly at 7.30pm and are usually held at the Old School (Denmead Community Centre), you may join the meeting at any stage providing it does not cause a disturbance. Meetings can last from 1 hour up to 2 ½ hours again you may leave at any point, you are not required to stay to the end.

The Parish Council welcomes member of the public and press to all meetings except Confidential Reports. Members of the Public and Press are given exclusive time under the Public Participation section on all Agendas. There is a speaking time limit of 3 mins per person. Requests to film any committee meeting must be in writing to the Clerk of the Committee no less than 3 days prior to the meeting.

Agendas, Minutes and Other Relevant Information Relating to Committees

Please note minutes of meetings are published as soon as possible on the website to help the public. However, they do not become the formal record of the meeting until approved or otherwise at the next meeting. Therefore, you should always check to see whether any amendments have been made.

Other Groups and Organisations
  • Denmead Community Association – Cllrs Andreoli and Brown
  • Winchester District Association of Local Councils – Cllr Andreoli
  • Hambledon & District Welfare and Education Trust – Cllr Andreoli
  • Southern Parishes - Cllr Andreoli