Summer Fayre

The Summer Fayre this year was a huge success. The village was blessed with lovely weather, and seeing so many residents enjoying the events, stalls, and entertainment was fantastic.

Special thanks go to:

  • Steph at Kassia for organising the licence for the event and allowing the committee to meet at their restaurant.
  • The Co-Op for taking our rubbish and providing much-needed water for the volunteers.
  • The Church for giving up its space to host lots of things, including some pesky pigs.
  • The volunteers who gave up their time to help deliver the event.
  • The Fish and Chip shop allows us to use their electricity.
  • The Denmead Young Farmers for bringing along the tractors.

The Parish Council would also like to thank the members of the Grounds Team who were on hand to support the event. They were helpful and, for the Event Project Team, an absolute pleasure to work with.

Denmead Parish couldn’t put its event together without the services of Katie and her team from KM Project Services, our Parish Councillors, local businesses, community groups and residents, so a special thanks to everyone involved.