Creech Wood Forestry Works

Dear Residents of Denmead and surrounding area,

Thank you for your patience whilst the work has been carried out at Creech Woods which, I know, has inconvenienced a number of you who like to walk there regularly.

Tree felling work on the west side of the forest (opposite side of the road to the car park) is now completed and this area is available for walking once again. 

Do please take care though as timber stacks are waiting to be collected. Never climb on log stacks and look out for lorries collecting the timber, which can happen at any time. Timber lorries need a lot of space to turn, so it’s important not to block the entrances – your car may be at risk if parked in the way.

The car park side of the woodland remains closed until the 26th June, whilst the    contractors remove some of the trees to make space for the remaining trees (known as thinning).  It’s vital that people keep out of this area until after this date and pay attention to safety signs.

Although this recent work looks unsightly at the moment, it will soon improve and create a healthy woodland area with good structure that will increase the resilience of the woods in the long-term.

Some people worry that tree felling is bad, but sustainably managed, it’s a key part of good woodland management. Harvesting trees provides the wood that we all use in our daily lives and thins woodlands to promote new growth. Directly after felling, the area may look messy, but this work will let more light on to the woodland floor, which increases the diversity of plants and encourages more wildlife.


Unfortunately, the car park will need to remain closed until 3rd July, as the Forestry England Civil Engineering team are coming in to refurbish and improve the car park.  I had hoped that this work could be completed during the original closure period, but we’re currently short of staff and there’s additional pressure from urgent repairs to our existing car parks infrastructure.  

The car park repairs will include:

  • improved demarcation of the parking areas,
  • removal of dangerous trees within the area
  • filling in of the deep holes
  • improvement of the surface of the car park.

Whilst the car park is closed for repairs, the wood will be opened up again on the 26th June allowing you all to walk and enjoy the tranquillity of the woodland once again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, I hope this communication provides some helpful context to our approach.

Kind regards,

Rachael Wildman, Recreation Ranger

Forestry England