Denmead Trees & Our Green Spaces

DPC has recently been receiving lots of comments on trees and our open spaces. Some of the comments are very postitive:

“I just wanted to say “Thank you” for all the new daffodils which have been planted around Harvest Field and the green by Forest Mead. They are much appreciated.

We have also had some questions asking why some tress and hedging are being removed or cut back.

All trees that are removed in Denmead are either because they are damaged, causing subsidence or are too close to a building.  The team are also maintaining ivy and hedgerow that has not been cut back for some time, this will allow it to flourish in the summer months and make for better nesting and wildlife habitat.

We have also recently created a tree nursery along Forest Road where we have planted over 300 new saplings to grow on over the next 2/3 years.  Once these are ready we will replant them in places where they can flourish, away from buildings.  We have also planted over 450 trees and hedging along Harvest Field, which will grow and form a nice new hedgerow.

For more information on how we manage our trees please head to this page.